internet library news

3.6: news.adds/free math books:

3.15: news.adds/lib/TEDTalks on iTunes U:
. organized by subject area in courses curated for
students, educators, and livelong learners.
Courses include
Creative Problem Solving, Mastering Tech-Artistry,
Ingenuity in the Development World, and more.
3.29: where did I see this?
apple's itunes edu news had a copy of same .
. ted stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design
and "( Ideas Worth Spreading ).

news.adds/lib/aima.cs.berkeley.edu's code with book
 [Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach]:
. the book's code is python openware .
svn checkout http://aima-python.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/ aima-python-read-only
todo: explore AI on the Web links .

3.26: tech.adds/lib/g'books makes your paper book searchable:
. books.google.com has so many books,
there's a good chance they have yours too .
. often they remove some pages of their online books,
but you can still search every page;
it will give you a page number even if the page isn't viewable,
and then you can check the page with your copy .