implicit parameters

10.4: adda/cstr/module/specification/implicit params:
. another dimension of the module's specification
is access to certain implicit parameters:
ie, it would expect every caller to have
certain locals having specific names,
as well as specific types .
. that's no different than a var param
except it's constant; ie the declaration is saying
I don't want just any local you care to assign,
I want a local with a certain name .
. this is like what a nested subprogram can do;
but is trying to apply the same idea to
non-nested subprograms .
. the generic way to give a subprogram
an implicit parameter,
is have the subprogram packaged in a tuple,
and have the other fields of the tuple
be pointers that can linked to locals .
. the tuple is declared locally,
the links are set to locals,
and then, whenever the subprogram is called,
it uses the links as implicit parameters .