multi-language to univeral data format (UDF)

addx/multi-lang like .net:
10.2: 12.11:
. the addx system needs to be like
Microsoft's ".NET" such that it lets us
command addx with a variety of languages
-- adda would just be the default language .
. a new language being ported to addx
would provide a compiler that emits
addm's high-level code (HLC)
that is similar to .NET's assemblies .
. HLC could safely come from untrusted sources;
because, instead of the code being executed,
it is recompiled by addm's compiler
into the bytecode that actually gets executed .
. addx's universal data format (UDF)
looks something like a parse tree:
it is a bot-friendly binary version of text
and is used for all interprocess communications
just as unix uses text between piped filters .
. the adda compiler parses text into UDF,
which is then translated into
either UDF expressing addm's HLC,
or a platform language such as C
(ie, the adda front end is translating
from some lang's text into adda UDF;
while adda's back end is translating
from adda UDF to the target's code ).
. in order to add a language to addx,
the lang's compiler translates into
either a UDF containing addm's HLC
or a UDF for any of adda's back ends .