Parython is a #ParaSail version based on #python

11.22: news.adda/co/Parython is a ParaSail version based on python:
. a recent ParaSail article mentions Parython, (sources)
more on that earlier? yes but just a mention:
Achieving parallelism and safety at the same time
by eliminating rather than adding features
has worked out better than we originally expected.
One of the lessons of the process has been that
just a small number of key ideas are sufficient to
achieve safe and easy parallelism.
Probably the biggest is the elimination of pointers,
with the substitution of expandable objects.
The other big one is the elimination of
direct access to global variables,
instead requiring that a variable be
passed as a (var or in out) parameter
if a function is going to update it.
Other important ones include
the elimination of parameter aliasing,
and the replacement of exception handling
with a combination of more
pre-condition checking at compile time
and a more task-friendly
event handling mechanism at run time.
So the question now is whether
some of these same key ideas
can be applied to existing languages,
to produce something with much the same look and feel
of the original, while moving toward a much more
parallel-, multicore-, human-friendly semantics.
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