MS`Portable Class Libraries

10.2: news.adda/MS`Portable Class Libraries:
Windows 8 programming model is like Xamarin,
[ where you write your apps entirely in C#,
and can run the resulting code on many platforms:
iOS, Android, Windows and Mac.]-12.8
. MS does this with Portable Class Libraries (PCL's)
which are subprograms that can be used anywhere
by attaching to whatever gui is on the current device
(supporting device-specific user interfaces).
PCLs let you wrap common code into a library,
ready for use by various gui's .
12.8: adda gui access is based on similar idea:
"( subprograms should not be controlling a gui interface,
rather they should be designed primarily for
use by other subprograms,
just as unix tools are meant to be .
(well, unix takes a shortcuts by
making its tool language a character string
that could also be readable by humans
but that was a security blunder because of parsing errors
that confuse critical datatypes like
{filenames, command names}).
. so, anyway, back to how humans fit in:
in order for a human to interact with
a subprogram that speaks type-tagged binary,
the human needs an agent who will
convert this robot speak into a gui .
. this agent is the Controller of the Model subprogram,
and it creates a View the human can interact with .)
10.2: 12.8:
. rather than having a subprogram export gui interactions
they are generating output like html
meant for describing what to display
but instead of being text a human can understand
it is encoded for quick access by other subprograms
including the human user's interaction agent
which builds a gui like html does .
. all native data types,
from which all other data types are composed,
have a gui presentation .
for instance, a tuple data type
is naturally represented as a dialog window,
and dialogs are then nestable like tuples can be .