editor's uncluttered ascii mode

12.26: adde/ascii mode:
"( Many developers want ASCII-based editors,
in which case the syntactic clutter of
varying annotations
can rapidly become overwhelming. )
. adde makes it easier to use graphics
and other coded features,
by folding in code like html does,
but, for the sake of ascii tools,
it also needs to optionally provide
a file system that removes clutter
by putting the code into
files separate from the ascii .
. after modification by a foreign editor
the adde editor needs a way to know
how to merge the code with the text .
. for this it can use ascii bookmarks
which follow the head-body pattern:
their title indicates what they represent
and they have a pointer into the code file
showing where the body of code is
that implements that graphic .

. if adde finds a modified ascii file,
it checks for missing bookmarks
in order to delete the corresponding bodies .

. the code file is ascii too, of course,
but none of the words are about content
rather they give details of graphics .
. a foreign editor can see
the body of any given bookmark
by searching for the bookmark's pointer
within the code file .

. assuming that any given project folder
will have numerous text files
that may all need ascii-code separation,
one simple way to manage this separation
is to put all the code files
in a subfolder named code;
so that they can have
exactly the same name as the
ascii files they belong to;
so, if working on file: ./x,
--[the ./ means current folder ]--
then a search in ./code/x
will find the body of a bookmark .