vector literals syntax

12.28: adda/dstr/vector literals:
. as with the declare's syntax
the opening angle brackets of the
vector literal formed with angle brackets
could be distinguished from less-than
by following it with a dot .
. ascii tokens are useful even with unicode
because, keyboard's can quickly dish up ascii .
. the parser converts ascii to unicode's:
less-than & dot -> opening vector bracket (U+27E8)
--. the closing pair is: U+27E9 .
related trivia:
Miscellaneous Mathematical Symbols:
U+27C0 ... U+27EF, U+2980 ... U+29FF .
'Miscellaneous Technical' 2300 ... 23FF:
(has a left-pointing angle bracket U+2329) .
--. ascii codes for {math relations, brackets}:
U+003C Less-than sign
U+003E Greater-than sign .
. unicodes that mac os x supports .