icons of the alphabet

12.23: adds/icons of the alphabet:
. abc's look like the very basic mechanisms
whose names begin with such letters:
Angle(A is icon of angle arc between hinge plates)
Bisect(graphical counting or dividing),
Circumfrence, Diameter,
Extend (greek E means summation)
Front (arrow points at front surface of a drafting view
-- vs the top surface),
Gyration (revolving starts from right angle),
Hinge (H can be plates hinged),
Iatric(healed, parts assembled
-- I is a clocking of H)
Join(J has a hook for joining)
Kaleidoscope (K shows both V and V's mirror image)
Ligature (bonding of multiple indep'dimensions
-- symbolized by L, a right angle).
Multiply (M is a clocking of E, summation)
Not(N is the same shape as set`not: ~)
Oscillation (O is loop like cycles, oscillations),
Post-Oscillation or Product
(P is icon of dropping out of a loop)
Quality (what's under Oscillation? its basis or control)
Radical (Oscillation's side affects)
Specialization (S looks like yin-yang formations
-- specializing in complementary differences)
Top (arrow points at top surface of a drafting view)
Union (U looks like a collecting cup)
Vacillation (V is side view of wave, VVVV)
Wall (W is a counter-clocking of E, summation
-- stop additions)
Xiphoid (Greek xiphos: sword)
Yes (what's under Vacillation?
-- basis or control of V, energy)
Zero (Z is a clocking of N, not(this): not anything)