including obj'c features

7.23: adda/oop/including obj'c features:

. in the expression"( a`b(x)`c ),
the ( a`b(x) ) means
the object"a has a procedure b(x)
that returns an object location
whose available functions include c .
. the syntax"(a`b) is not necessarily
involving self-modification;
it simply means subprogram"b has access to (a)
as an inout parameter
(the subprogram's object parameter).

. is there some efficient way of doing a`b`c
without passing pointers ?
I was thinking there was some virtual way
that doesn't really need pointers
(oop doesn't really need
all the pointers it thinks it needs)...

. if a subprogram's object param
returns a reference to something other than
the object param,
then in the c translation of same
this subprogram takes a destination param;
ie, a param that inputs a destination address
showing where the caller wants the return placed .

. why wouldn't it always take a destination param
even when returning self? ...
because the caller is already housing that obj .

. my original concern here
was allowing the passing of references
and the use of object param's,
just like obj'c oop does,
while still using the sort of oop system
that did not generate garbage .
. I think obj'c has the convention that
even if ( a`b(x) doesn't return anything
if an object reference is expected as a return,
as is the case in "( a`b(x)`c ),
then it will use a reference to (a);
ie, ( a`b(x)`c ) would equal:
( a`b(x); a`c ) .