when software capitalists become dictators

7.4: adds/security
/when software capitalists become dictators:
. we see what a mess engineers have made of
the internet and computer security;
as chips make more decisions in our appliances,
they are like new laws imposed upon our nature;
this is where capitalists would be legislators;
and they must therefore submit to our constitution:
ie, representatives are elected,
initiatives can be brought by the people
and laws are open to public scrutiny .
. not only is opensource software not communism
(Bill Gates was misquoted as suggesting this);
but software as private capital
is sure to present an inevitable tyranny
just like a communism will
without the checks and balances of
democracy and separation of powers .

7.15: adds/robot/constitution with context casing:
. one way to balance private and public interests
is by including a context chip,
which has the ability to override other chips
whenever it senses the robot is on public property .
. it would also have final say over
the use of force the public is interested in .