natively coded extensions

7.22: adda/natively coded extensions:
. the adda compiler helps turn adda code
into obj'c code,
and then the user plugs that into xcode
to generate mac programs .
. there are 2 styles of user programming:
# extending addm:
. the user want's their library unit to be
seen by addm,
so that user's library unit is callable from
user's other scripts .
. this entails compiling the library unit,
recompiling addm to bind with the library unit
and relinking addm with the entire library .
. this is known as pythonic development:
a module is run as translated vm code
until it's perfected:
then it's promoted to native code
and made available in the account's library .
# building native apps:
. in building a native app,
adda code is translated to the native lang
(eg, mac speaks obj'c & cocoa).
. the native program then imports
the relevant adda libraries
and includes addm as a component
so that the program or its user
can run arbitrary adda scripts .