local resource accesses and wrappers

7.3: adda/portability/local resource accesses and wrappers:
. wondering how adda can provide portable features
and yet also provide access to
individual platform features .
. per each platform,
represent its features as a library,
and then map adda's features to that .
. users can expect portability from
staying with the model;
and can get more into their specific platform
by importing the lib's it offers .
. additionally,
there will never be a portable model of
what paths you can modify;
instead, you have to list per system,
what volumes are available,
and whether they are writable or rom .
. adda must include all the storage models,
and must map them to diversely contstrained models:
eg, some platform may offer nothing but a database,
so, adda must provide a hierarchical filesystem
that is implemented by a database .