converting messy data formats

adde/universal conversion via screen scraping
adde/convert clonespy links
adde/browser/filename cleaner

adde/universal conversion via screen scraping:
. what a pdf viewer needs
is a sophisticated screen scraper;
something that converts graphics into characters;
and there are a lot of characters to choose from,
so instead of finding the right unicode,
it may need represent it as a graphic .
. when scraping web content,
it should take multiple images and compare them
to see if there are any animations to consider .

14: todo.adde/convert clonespy links:
. the next adde program will convert
all these clonespy links into a db,
and that will chill all the long pathnames too .
. plus it will preserve all paths in a symbolic way,
and then convert all links into db id's .

1.13: todo.adde/browser/filename cleaner:
. a web browser should clean filenames
in order to make sure they are accepted by
every platform .
. the given filename is reduced to
something that old cd's like,
and the original folder stucture
is preserved as an html file .
. it uses only one folder
in case a platform
doesn't allow nested folders .
. it stores all files and folders
as database items .
. attributes of subfiles include:
website, path, filename,
position within the file .
. for each platform,
it maintains a mirror system
that lets you view your db with
either a file browser or web browser .
. you can export the db to
any other type of file system:
mac, linux, pc, dos, simple cd .