user interface ideas

1.19: adde/gui/window resize needs a quick mode
adde/gui/backed by vcs (version control system)
23: adde/gui/message window/priority treed
1.19: adde/gui/window resize needs a quick mode:
. when a window is being resized
the typical OS will keep sending re-post data
which can slow the responsiveness too much .

adde/gui/backed by vcs (version control system):
. mac iphoto keeps you alert:
when you export your edited photo's,
it will vary the the dialog's behavior
apparently to keep you awake
when doing irreversable things .
. but that is jarring!
it should depend on vcs (version control systems)
instead of shocking the monkey;
that would require a lot of memory,
but we can afford that now .

23: adde/gui/message window/priority treed:
. adde has one window for all messages,
for having a situation in which
dialogs are not popping up in your face
nor lost behind other windows .
. but what if one of the apps becomes unstable
and starts sending a bunch of messages?
. the mail box needs to be
dynamically self-organizing
so that it can remain in a state that is
displaying no more than 10 items,
and the messages of one app
don't drown out the others .
. when there are many messages,
each app gets only one message displayed,
either the one message it has,
or a folder icon indicating that there are
many messages from this app .
. messages are labeled with the app's name,
the most urgent thing it has to say,
and a message type:
# system's apps errors,
# other computer-generated messages,
# network or social messages .
. the message window is sized by the user,
then the 2 dividers for the 3 message types
are also adjustable by the user .
. if only one category has messages to give
and there are many of them
then it will take up all the space,
but if all 3 message types are needing space,
then they each get the space provided by the user .