virtual machine for obj'c services

1.23: addm/
simulates obj'c when obj'c is not available:

. adda should have features that map
directly to obj'c and c;
then addm will provide
the same services as the obj'c runtime;
and, if the given platform has obj'c,
then plugins can be objc code;
otherwise, plugins are binary adda or addm .
. binary adda is like java's bytecode,
but is very high-level and tree-like,
looking very much like what you see in your editor,
so the compile times are quick,
but the running times are very slow
-- for rapidly doing edit-run cycles .
. when you're wanting to optimize the code for speed,
then it converts to binary addm,
which looks more like assembly code,
that's what java's bytecode looks like .