exceptions ok unless requirements preclude

1.30: adda/cstr/exceptions/ok unless requirements preclude them:
. I thought Parasail's author explained somewhere
how exceptions really messed up multi-threads;
review my blog of that ...
. I decided a thread hang was no big deal;
in critical applications
exceptions are absolutely useless;
but if our point is to encourage programming
we should cater to all styles of thinking .
. we just need to protect the coder's user too:
an exception should be gracefully saving
any work that the app's user produced,
and that should happen automatically,
without requiring the coder to get anything right .
. it results in a file in the current work folder
that opens to show exactly what was there
just before the app bombed .

news.adda/lang/parasail/new release:
. downloaded the ref man;
reviewed the rationale for not having exceptions .
. go.lang had a similar policy,
but if you look more carefully,
it seems only the pythonic use of them was removed;
ada's style of exception useage was still there .