vmm (virtual machine monitoring)

2.5: addx/vmm/virtual dom0:
. just as addm is a VM (virtual machine),
addx is a VM monitor (vmm);
so it should do things like Vmware does,
only with some enhancements and extensions; eg,

adding a desktop window for destructured mode:
. Vmware has a unity mode
which puts each vm app's window
into a dom0 window;
but there's no window for the desktop
so I'm missing the vm's taskbar, etc .
. what I want is to maintain the vm's desktop window
but without any subwindows contained inside;
so, it's just like vmware's unity view,
except that there's an additional window
showing the vm's desktop without any app windows .

. Vmware runs a PC within a mac's app window;
the PC is running as a VM;
so, when the PC needs a physical device,
the vmm has to wrestle it from the mac first .
. each VM runs on an actual OS,
and the actual OS is call dom0 (the root domain).
. our mac session can have many windows,
each with a VM running inside;
for example, the dom0 desktop has 2 windows:
windows.vm, and ubuntu.vm .

. when dom0 is Windows XP on a laptop
a suspend feature will save the current state;
so, when I turn on the laptop again
it returns to where it was before .
. now, imagine we can virtualize dom0,
so we have 3 levels:
actual dom 0,
  virtual dom 0 (v.dom0),
    various vm windows .
. this way we can have multiple sessions
for work, play, and research, etc;
we can hibernate work's dom0
in order to bring social's dom0 to life .
. here are the dom0's I switch between:
# social.vm & wild-web.vm (news):
# work.vm & wild-web.vm (research);
# bank.vm (an http-only VM).
. when we switch between virtual dom0's,
the new v.dom0 keeps open the vm's it needs,
and closes the ones it doesn't need;
finally it rearranges them as before .

. v.dom0 can also put new themes on the vm's
so that you know instantly where you are,
and it can switch the vm's windowing modes:
full-screen, single window,
and what Vmware calls unity mode,
which might also be called destructured mode;
because, single window is like a tree,
with a VM window containing app windows;
but destructuring is de-treeing this,
letting the app windows exist outside of
the VM window they belong to .
. v.dom0 is rather transparent
because you can't have more than one up .
[3.31: but we could use it to provide
various themes to our dom0 desktop,
such as whether our app windows are
layered or tiled .]

. in single window mode I have this:
mac desktop
  vmware Windows Vista
  vmware linux
     komodo edit

. if we are in destructured mode,
that becomes this:
mac desktop
  mac dictionary
  vmware windows desktop
  vmware windows kindle`bookreader
  vmware linux desktop
  vmware linux firefox
  vmware linux komodo edit

. command-tab switches between dom0's app windows,
alt-tab switches between a VM's app windows,
control-tab switches between
window tabs in an app window .
. in destructured mode,
command-tab and alt-tab still work the same,
but the dialog looks different:
instead of showing an array of icons,
it shows a matrix like this:
  mac                       . dictionary
  vmware Win'Vista . kindle`bookreader
  vmware linux         . firefox                  . komodo edit
. so command-tab moves vertically,
and alt-tab moves horizontally .