go! prog'lang is not google's go!

10.3.27: news.adda/lang/go!

[3.29: . Go is google's exciting new systems lang;
and, by following the go forums,
I learned of yet another exciting lang,
for higher level programming .
. go! is a multi-paradigm lang that's concerned with
agents, concurrency, and ontology-oriented programming .
(. fans of [go!].lang were complaining about
google's "(go) ripping off their [go!] name .) ]

. since go! borrows from L&O (logic and objects).
the name might come from G being
the icon of a flipping L .

. Go! for multi-threaded deliberative agents:
"( Go! is a multi-paradigm programming language
that is oriented to the needs of programming
secure, production quality, agent based applications.
It is multi-threaded, strongly typed
and higher order (in the functional programming sense).
It has relation, function and action procedure definitions.
Threads execute action procedures,
calling functions and querying relations as need be.
Threads in different agents communicate and coordinate
using asynchronous messages.
An agent's reactive and deliberative components
are concurrently executing threads
which communicate and coordinate using
belief, desire and intention memory stores.)
. go! is included in networkagent @ sourceforge
"(. networkagent is a group of systems for
building network-oriented intelligent agents,
consisting of
an agent communications infrastructure,
April - an agent construction programming language,
Go! - a logic programming language
and DialoX - an XML-based user interface engine) .