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LDraw is a file format and parts library
. for modeling Lego creations in 3D on a computer.
LDraw models are created with a CAD tool
and displaying can also be done with
POV-Ray, a free 3D ray tracer.
. ldraw.org is a community supporting LDraw;
. they have a getting-started page for mac,
and a list of available tools .
. the LDraw library can be downloaded from ldraw.org
but some of the LDraw editors include it too .

* Bricksmith is an openware LDraw editor for Mac OS X .
* Ldglite is another Mac openware LDraw editor;
but it uses an OpenGL rendering engine,
making it portable to other operating systems.
* LeoCAD, is an openware LDraw editor for {Windows, Linux}
with a perspective camera.
. only the downloads are at g'code;
the source is at gerf.org .