3.15: web.adds/ladyada.net`openware:
. I heard of ladyada in a makezine;
she also sells kits for the designs she gives:
. one of her mit eng'ing projects
was a cell-phone jammer (not available as a kit!)
. she has an [ask an engineer].page
"(Our weekly LIVE video chat. Every Saturday 10PM ET )

3.15: web.adds/dangerousprototypes.com`openware:
. her saturday vid chat was spammed with this:
-- A new open source hardware project every month
eg, a web platform kit for $35, assembled for $5 more.
The Dangerous Prototypes web platform is a tiny server
designed for networked hacks where a full PC is inconvenient.
for projects that bridge the internet to microcontrollers,
but most of them have a PC in the middle to handle network stuff.
This business card-sized internet appliance
can connect to web services,
control physical objects from a browser interface,
or email sensor status reports;
no PC intermediary required!
. owner ian also has:
eg, computer-mouse-salvage

3.15: co.adds/forums.adafruit.com/ergonomic keyboard kit:
. posted in kitbiz / ergonomic keyboard kit:
. thinking about questions to ask,
I'd like to buy an open source kit for
ergonomic keyboard kit:
. I was hoping someone would open-source
an ergonomic keyboard kit
with one or more of these features:
it comes in 2 parts that communicate with each other
as if one keyboard .
. it has a set of macro keys that are programmable by
reading an sd card's text file .
. the sd card can hold your passwords securely,
so macro keys could send long passwords .
. some cable that converts a laptop into a keyboard;
so that another computer thinks it's just a keyboard,
when really it's a set of programmable macro keys as well .