software patents

pos.adds/software patents:
3.28: [my position pro-patents]
. I've heard Richard Stallman be
reasonable about patents,
explaining that the real problem with them
is an underfunded patent system
that doesn't bother to sort out
what's a complex of prior art works
from what is truly worthy of a patent .
. work that took so long to develop
surely would be more worthwhile to simply license
rather than trying to reinvent it!
. good patents, licensed fairly, could increase
the nation's productivity dramatically .

3.29: patent protections for the masses:
Open Invention Network®:
. an intellectual property company
that was formed to promote Linux
Patents are available royalty-free
to any company, institution or individual
that agrees not to assert its patents
against the Linux System.
. USPTO (US Patent and Trademark Office)
now features a “Peer to Patent” process
that lets the public submit advice
for issuing or invalidating patents .
Linux Defenders
. eliminates bogus software patents
by implementing the work of the
Open Invention Network® .
. contributors to open-sourced patents
may freely use Linux Defenders'
defensive publication processor
and the Defensive Publications database
which contains patented openware searchable by
patent and trademark office examiners
around the world .

. the Linux Defenders program enables anyone
to efficiently contribute to:
“Defensive Publications”
where you can enter your openware inventions
into a db that will be searched by the patent office
so if there are no prior patents,
there will be no future patents on similar inventions .
“Peer to Patent”:
supplying the USPTO with evidence of
prior art invalidating the claims of
pending patent applications.
Post-Issue Peer to Patent”:
supplying prior art to support the invalidation
of previously issued patents .