high-level uses of pointer and possessive

3.22: adda/dstr/high-level uses of pointer and possessive:
. both pointers (as seen in subdirectory syntax)
and possessives (as seen as component selection by structs)
can be seen as different ways to express the same thing;
but one way they express different things
is that ptr's don't imply ownership
as they often implement sharing .
. shouldn't adda use the {pointer, possessive} symbols
for the model views?
ie, ownerships can be impl'd with pointers,
but if the understood relation is ownership,
then the pointer should be written as a possessive mark .
that idea may be the same as this:
the important thing in design is to follow an interface .
. indeed, this was really an empty debate,
since these operators do have different interfaces,
and it's the writer -- not the lang designer --
who has control of which relation to make structures with .