user-mapped gesturing

3.23: adde/multitouch and gestures:
. most of those 2-finger gestures of multitouch
could also be done with one finger;
you just need a convention like up-swipe is zoom-in,
and down is out .
. with single-finger swipes
we could avoid most of those annoying little control boxes .
. there are cheap track pads for most platforms,
and they offer the same thing as a touch screen .
. gesture controls should also have the mvc architecture,
where the users can customize the mapping
from gestures to actions,
so they can do what makes sense to them .
. with the ability to see the strokes they draw,
then even if the app' they're on is hesitating to respond,
the gesture's visual overlay is always quick to
give them graphic feed back .

3.23: adde/themes that are user-controled and snappy too:
. one reason mac doesn't like to change its themes
is to keep things snappy,
implying all rendering needs to be in the kernel;
but you can customize and have snap too
by keeping the feedback lightweight .