portable translation the pypy way

3.26: bk.adda/Self-Sustaining Systems:
Self-Sustaining Systems: First Workshop, S3 2008 By Robert Hirschfeld, Kim Rose
. pypy offers a model-driven approach
to language implementation:
unlike jython, which diverges from cpython,
pypy is providing a pil (pythonic intermediate lang')
which can then have a backend to every other lang;
ie, the compiler is translating as if
that lang were a cpu intstruction set .
. pypy doesn't try be the intermed'lang for all back ends .
. it has versions for
high level (oop'ish) langs -- eg, {cli, jvm, js} --
and low level langs: eg, {llvm, c} .
. by coding your translator in pypy (Rpython)
you can debug it on the batteries-included cPython system
and then have all these back ends it will run on
-- including c .
. great, now if I could only love python!
. this presentation assumes jython diverges
simply because it's rendered in a
different code base;
but jython differs for a deliberate reason:
it didn't want to just be another python
that happened to be runnable on a jvm,
it wanted a lang customized to complement the jvm;
whereas, cpython wants a lang that is
basically customized to complement ms`windows .