capitalization rules are out

12.14:  pos.adda/capitalization rules are out:
. did you notice the capitalization on colors?
blue is not capitalized is it?,
but certain shades of blue might be?
. I confused because I'm sure
days of the week are capitalized,
and I see no difference between
energy bands for colors,
and time bands across each week .
. well, anyway, don't bother expecting
types in adda to be capitalized;
that would just be more confusing, not less .

web.engl/capitalization rules:
concerning colors:
. are colors supposed to be capitalized ?
yes, no, no, and no .
colors vs days of week:
. most are named after roman or greek gods
eg, Friday--Freyas Day,
so they kept the capital letter.
. time sections start with a capital letter
in English, and German, but not in French or Spanish .
. wiki has a list of international capitalization variations;
eg, the english seem to have retained the rules of Latin .