encryption with shifting code

12.22: adde/encryption with shifting code:
. you have sections prefixed with the lang id
and the lang id is encrypted too .
how? if the lang code is not randomized or implicit
(eg, by a hash of the section's 1st words;
say, along with some other rule)
then opponents could work on common code sections
to see which words are most freequently used .
[and with implicit lang code, imagine that every word was encoded differently
so a word is in a file giving it an nth word location
and for each location's code there are 2 maps:
the word map: words -> code;
the map map: word location -> word map index .
. so for each word at location L, 
my.word.map = [array of maps](map.map(L));
code = my.word.map (word) .]