transaction-based software configuration mgt system

12.4: news.adde/transaction-based software configuration management system:
Wheeler`Software Configuration Management (SCM) Security
Once authenticated, users do not have write access to the
meta-data or history files of any change set.
The vast majority of "hooks" are in files controlled by Aegis' process;
to maliciously change one requires a conspiracy of
developer, reviewer and integrator.
Aegis is a transaction-based software configuration management system.
pdf"proj change supervisor
pd"only for software?
It provides a framework within which a team of developers
may work on many changes to a program independently,
and Aegis coordinates integrating these changes
back into the master source of the program,
with as little disruption as possible.
. more from same author: peter miller .
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. that reminded me how my logging is helped by a 2-step process:
. one process just adds stuff,
and then another (in a sharp state)
is doing reorganizations, and deletions .
. adde could help by enforcing this:
# the editor-mode user makes only requests
that are virtually filled;
# the reviewer-mode user can fill requests
that do the work, and save the space taken by
holding both the before and after states .