c's static internal vars

12.2: adda/cstr/c's static internal vars:
. c's static internal vars are can applied in obj'c
to both {class, instance} methods and functions .
. persistence is the essence of c's static internal vars:
they are locally scoped within a function,
yet retain their value between calls to the function .
. it's as if the modules that contain these functions
are keeping these "(locals) at their top level;
so for T.type/f.proc/x.txt
you might see the var is actually at
T`body/f.proc'space/x.txt .
. for a progam, it's actually structured as a package:
(main, subroutine, globals), so local static looks like:
program/Subroutine'space/x.txt .
. what does that look like in adda?
. my first idea was asserting that
part of simplicity is naming things after
the way they are actually structured;
but after seeing how verbose that was,
I'm looking at a functional keyword:
persistent (with brief symbol = (^)
-- an amusing reference to christian's one-way ).