optimizing timemachine

12.4: adde/fs/optimizing timemachine:
. mac's timemachine can prevent corruptions;
adde's version of that could additionally preserve memory
(and thereby store more changes)
by analyzing how things change,
and asking the user why something got deleted .
. the inspiration for this idea was that
my data had be corrupted by a fat32 sd card error;
and although timemachine did save me,
all I really needed was
some automatic analyst to notice strange behavior:
the user fills up log entries,
but here one has been deleted ?
a folder had many files but is now null ?
. the prior, simpler idea that helps as much
is to keep all user contributions in a read-only db,
and saving memory by automatic duplicate removal
(a file can saved as a script such as:
include these 3 subfiles,
and then replace phrase x with y ).
. adde questions the user upon each deletion:
why is this deleted?
# somewhere else: deleted when verified;
# not yours : did you want to log this? source?
# duplication:
adde has automatic duplicate removal .