listable column view & tiled work trays

12.26: co.self/dream/adde/listable column view & tiled work trays:
. there are fixed layers for levels of the fs:
file, 3..5 folders levels for various intentions
[just like the biology has {species, genus, phylum, etc}]
. you see things arranged as columns,
[like mac`finder's column view,
but combined with the mac`finder [hierarchical] list view,
where more than one branch of the folder tree can be expanded]
then how do you arrange the rows to
keep files separate from folder systems ?
. have trays on the desktop,
corresponding to each of the columns;
they are easy for the user to rearrange, but they stay tiled;
and they have some way of stacking like mac has;
what way is that ? uh .
--[. I had done stim's just before bed;
because I was too stressed, and didn't want to be bored
in case there was insomnia;
I think I was half awake for this;
but it was dream-like in the sense of
the thought process being more concerned with
images of the ideas,
and not too quick to discount an idea as trivial or useless;
it does remind me that you can't really know
what users will find useless,
so the primary feature should be making it easy for
users themselves to design desktop behaviors .]