an intuitive library

7.19: addx/library/an intuitive library:
. how do we equate the contents of adda's lib
with some sort of filesystem structure?
. are library units placed in a lib folder?
is this done by declaring the unit's name to be
how can things be more implicit or intuitive?
. when you write interactively
this is being stored as a folder called
interactive.adda .
. each folder named x.adda, for any x,
is a separate adda acct
meaning it's a top-level lib .
. it had been previously proposted that
naming a file or folder x.adda
would indicate the contents was text
that conformed to the adda language;
. the current idea differs slightly:
the folder named *.adda would mean that
all the files and folders inside
would have names like x.t,
where t would be some adda typename .
. the x.adda folder also lets the files inside
have names like x.t.txt
so that if you want to use
other tools to open the files,
these tools know a .txt is ascii or utf-8 .