why no open drivers for multi-core

7.13: adds/openware/
why open drivers are impractical for multi-core:

. it's ironic that the reason openware proponents
wanted to design the drivers for gpu's
is from assuming that
close-source drivers would only be a wall
between good programmers and good hardware:
if you are a chip maker,
and you insist on providing drivers,
the likely reason is that you are
unable to provide consistently good chips
but what you can do is
hard-code more cores than you'll need,
and then have the drivers sort out the good ones,
just as a harddrive format sorts out bad sectors .
7.16: overheating:
. if they provide more cores and all are usable,
and the user is using all the extras
then could the unit overheat?
7.17: appearance:
. perhaps it would ease pricing structure,
if they promised a constant number of cores,
and then always delivered only that number .