iOS app restriction motivations

7.22: todo.cyb/dev.iOS/
menu-driven prog'lang learning:

. I thought of an addx app for iOS:
let users try programming by menu .
. even if iOS users can't run the programs
that they create by menu,
it's a way to learn to program
by exploring menu's;
but in that case, it would need to be
for a way of learning a popular lang, not adda;
adda is interesting only if it's
a way to do something popular;
eg, you could make your iOS do things
by running the code you just built .
. this could be done via the use of javascript
by somehow sending it to the browser ?
. I should be keeping in mind that for $99/yr,
such an app should be designed to make money;
if I just want to be helpful,
I can do that for free with a web app .]

7.29: news.cyb/dev.iOS/
co.dev.mac#buck has book for dev.iOS?:

. it's one thing to say that
every program has to be inspected,
but why does every user
have to be inspected?!
ie, why can't the user write scripts ?
a user should be able to automate
anything a programmer is allowed to do .
. but it's a slippery slope;
if you let users do scripting
then they are trading scripts,
then they are failing to notice
what "they" are doing .
. can javascript come close to doing
everything a user can do ?
. another problem is user spoofing user:
many services like google
can't be used by automation because
then a human wouldn't be
influenced by the ad's,
so there would be no use serving ad's,
and no way to fund the product ...
(not sure that's a problem on the iOS;
Android users get served a lot of ads).