love the cloud but use nothing else?

9.26: cyb/net/love the cloud but use nothing else?
(response to:
Tell us what it would take for you to
use "nothing but the web"
-- googleappsdeveloper.blogspot.com/2011
. I was one of those palmtop enthusiasts
who everyone else would just shake their head at
until smartphones came along .
. what I loved about my little Palm OS device
was that it let me do my laptop essentials:
type-in, search, and review my daily notes,
along with calender and reminder automation .
. when I moved beyond the Palm OS,
up to a full-featured file system
my palmtop was also an ereader (pdf's, html).
. why would anyone
want these activities to not work
in the event the net was down ?
therefore, I conclude that
using nothing but cloud computing
is just nuts .
. what's even more bizarrely nuts,
is thinking that we can depend on the web
to give us the security we lack from using
a monolithic OS like mac or linux
-- juicy, fruity, nutty nuts .
. your infrastructure needs to start with
a microvisor like okL4,
and then use layers of locality:
. the pim and ereader are onboard,
the animation is in an on-site server
which is being sync'd with internet servers .
. this is the same way layering is seen in
{registers, cache, ram, hard-drive}.
... and it saves a lot of energy!