hello to founder of diotavelli.net's PyQt wiki

7.11: web.co.cyb/dev/who does diotavelli.net?:
. the supporter of the pyqt wiki
also has a page on gpgpu .
. other details of his coding career:
studying Computational Linguistics
    2003‒2006: T├╝bingen (BA)
    2007‒2009: Saarbr├╝cken (M.Sc.)
. here's his papers .

at Google ZRH:
"( Computational Linguistics means
the theoretical foundations
and wonderful world of algorithms .
eg, writing small toolkits for finite state automata. )
what does his toolkit do?
"(    Determinization of NFSAs to DFSAs
    Creation of DFAs from simple regular expressions
    Application of FSTs
    dot graph output for *FSAs
-- if you like PyParsing
and generator-expression-prone Python code,
you might want to have look at
the TinyFST code.)
salsa project page @ coli.uni-saarland.de:
"( One of the most urgent problems in language technology
is the lexical semantics bottleneck,
the unavailability of domain-independent lexica
with rich semantic information on lexical items.
Such lexica could greatly improve
the quality of current applications.
At the same time, providing
large-scale lexical semantic information
is an enormous challenge,
due to the size of the vocabulary
and the inherent vagueness of lexical meaning.
Our aims are:
    Providing a large lexical semantic lexicon
    providing semantic and syntactic properties for
    German lexical items,
    to serve as a rich static database.
    Developing techniques for the wide-coverage statistics-based
    semantic annotation of texts.
    Investigating the use of contiguous frame annotations
    for dynamic semantic analysis
    in practical natural language processing applications).
The TreeAligner Project
"( The TreeAligner is a tool for annotating and browsing
correspondences between elements of syntactical trees.
It can be used for creating paralell treebanks.
It also includes a powerful search function.)
. his latest blog entry for dev is
2009/py for gnome
-- I don't see any interest in pyqt at all
except for knowing about his wiki .

Scrollable Widgets with PyGTK 2009:
. the code for that project is online at
www.cl.uzh.ch/kitt ... gtktreeview.py#l199 .
-- © 2007-2009 The TreeAligner Team, at ifi.uzh.ch,
GNU GPLv2 . import gobject, gtk, cairo ...