7.10: news.cyb/dev/I Programmer:
Programming news, projects,
articles and book reviews:
· www.i-programmer.info;
iProgrammer news is written
for programmers by same .
iProgrammer news also doesn't aim to be
the first or up-to-the-minute.
Our news does cover the latest releases,
intentions and developments
but in depth and with a
commentary that aims to explain
the significance of the event.
It also marks significant anniversaries
with links to relevant articles.
9.6: web:
. it has a table of subject-specific pages;
notable subject-specific lists of articles
include theory
(eg, a better way to program
-- see my article about this cp4e heroism .
and security
(eg, 2012.2 Google's $1 million for Chrome Hack
2012.3: Chrome Hacked Twice at CanSecWest)