adde's file.editor

8.12: adde/fs/pathname`ordering:
. when sorting pathnames for listing,
the comparison is per directory level
as if each level in the path were a letter of the name;
the opposite of this way
would be converting the whole pathname to string
and then comparing strings .

8.12: adde/menu`customization:
. why does the mac user no longer get to add to the menu?
keeping the menu fixed may help other parts of the system
know what's in the menu?
. the only reason they got to change things anyway
was to add mini-app's to the apple menu,
and now that's been moved to the dashboard .
. mac users have never had much control over their menu's;
ms`office97 had customizable menu's, but the editor was buggy .
. the adde`user needs a timemachine-like functionality
for identifying time-oriented menu` changes
as well as to help with purpose-oriented changes .

8.30: adde/fs/virtually complete volumes:
. in the virtual fs (filesystem),
all files are just pointers to shared db entries,
but then also each volume
(a separate storage device or removable medium),
has its own version of the db;
which is sync'able (like with git) .