robotics policy

8.11: pol/space program:
. shouldn't the space program concentrate on robotics?
. by doing space stations that support humans
we may get an extra billion years of use from the sun
changing our distance from it to escape the supernova
-- may be time much needed figuring how to get to new stars .

8.20: co.apt/pol/fair labor treatment as we transition to robotics:
. tell replaced people that they get a pension when replaced .
. it doesn't apply to dependents;
it's a call to find new careers for them .
[. later find that eventually we need to look at communism .]
. in democratic communism, you can have private business,
but from taxes of business and from being co.owners of state-owned biz,
everyone gets a living wage just for being alive .
] .

11.3: pol/robotics/reserves:
. robots are expensive and easily destroyed like soldiers,
so we should employ them like the reserves
where there are very many of them here doing normal work
but easily converted to military jobs
so the enemies know that our active-duty forces
can be instantly replaced .