addx/robotics/digitizing the sixth sense:
8.14: addx/robotics/digitizing the 6th sense:
. robots see human`input only from words,
missing the body language and possibly some telepathic clues
that other humans may have access to .
. jinx factor or pride prevents human from mentioning
certain emotional needs .
. however, being familiar with both human routine and bizarre emotions
could help robot mangage when access to historical and recent context
can allow the pruning of
many of the possible messages given covertly .

8.18: addx/robotics/mobility:
. mobile robo cop easier to program with 4legs for rough terrain,
and 2 wheels for smooth -- a built-in motorcycle .

12.11: news.adds/robotics/the Perception-on-Purpose (POP) project:
"It is not that easy using sound alone, to decide
what is foreground and what is background
but by combining the two modalities of sound and vision
it becomes much easier .
12.11: news.adds/robotics/quantum machine learning:
Today, at the Neural Information Processing Systems conference (NIPS 2009),
we show the progress we have made.
We demonstrate a detector that has learned to spot cars by
looking at example pictures.