addm less needed than adda

10.22: addm/purpose in relation to adda:
. adda2c (a translator from my lang' to c)
is much less work than addm (a virtual machine)
and much more needed since it is my ticket out of
the long road to mastering c or obj'c .
. when the basic functionality is in place using c,
then there'll be time for
features that require addm:
a virtual machine that lets me program at the assembly level
where I can easily support continuations,
automated programming, and an interactive translator .
. addm requires 2 projects:
the vm itself needs to be designed,
and then adda needs a backend that translates
parse.trees (etree) to addm.code .

11.10: addm/required for adde to be an IDE:
. another reason for needing vm is the ide;
. when adda is just translating to c,
then you must use c tools to debug .