booking xcode



. for xcode debugging of cmd line tools
input ^D (done twice or on a new line)
is what tells the console
that your input file interaction is done .

. xcode allows you to do many simple changes to your code
even while running in step mode;
ie, without having to restart the program!

11.20: customized my source files:
[11.24: applied this command to my system .]
. this is pasted into terminal as one long line :
defaults write com.apple.xcode PBXCustomTemplateMacroDefinitions
'{ ORGANIZATIONNAME = "Americium Dream Documents"; }'

. booking xcode shows use of nsobject controller
which is an advanced tech
to be used only after first writing your own controller
for simple version to grasp it ?
. not sure that either way really applies to addx's intended mvc arch',
need to look at how programmatic control works out .