blind assist needs both tui and aui

11.23: adde/blind assist needs both tui and aui:
. many softwares don't have an audio user interface (aui)
so the blind typically employ their own screen scraper
to convert gui to aui .
. there is some advantage to adde having a dedicated aui,
but in case people want to user their own screen scraper,
there should also be a mode that presents a
textual user interface (tui) .
. this means translating even graphical concepts
into the sort of text that makes sense being verbalized .
. one of the first problems is
how to intuitively read a table:
. in a table you'd give dimensions;
then choices about how the table is read:
eg row i loop contents;
eg, row i loop col j contents;
eg, row-col i,j: cell contents .
. they can be made aware of customizable orderings:
can hand-switch col' order before proceeding;
can order a row as ascending or descending; etc .
. an intelligence plug-in should provide
trends in table data .
. all native d'types have a visual representation
that is text
and can have also have a separate audio representation
for when the text is an abbreviation
or some other non-word
that a screen scraper couldn't figure how to say .