preventing death of a language

10.5: adda/ada/preventing death:
they must mean that the foundational req's of the lang
are precluding modernization .
. one dimension of death prevention
is ensuring that there are tools that can automate
the translation of the current lang'
to any other lang' chosen as a future replacement .
. the other problem is how to make it easy for
the transition of language tools:
these tools read the lang'
and will be broken if the lang' changes .
. one solution is to use the mono system,
where the lang' of your choice is translated to a
high-level universal lang', or cil (common intermediate lang') .
. however, as was seen in the mono spec's,
designing a high-level universal lang is not easy:
there have have been several instances of
being unable to express some feature in terms of the cil .