psychology 101 for robots

8.2: psy/psychology 101 for robots:

. synchronicity can exist;
because, the supernatural is controling the emotions of everyone,
and can therefore orchestrate a plot,
by creating emotions to conform individuals to certain roles .
. since this supernatural orchestration is the foundation for
what people assume is "(telepathy),
I'm calling that control system the tele.net (telepathy net). ]
. the theory of tele.net makes a difference in the predictability of humans;
because, without tele.net, any synchronicity is a mere coincidence,
having an infinitesimal probability;
implying that you can depend on the occurrence happening at a random place;
whereas, with a belief in tele.net,
syncronicities can be designed to follow a plan .
. this is similar to the random mutation theory for evolution:
if the random genetic changes can be chosen by an intelligence
(presumably using the same interface
that the tele.net uses to control emotions),
then creationism can occur through evolution .
. without tele.net`control of "(random) mutations
then evolution is highly unlikely .