mvc customization (model-view-controller pattern)

8.12: adde/high-cpu and custom interaction:
. a key feature for ease of programming and reuse
is that any program written as a library for software to access
will auto'ly have a gui generated for the user to access;
but how can that work when there is moment-by-moment,
2-way interaction between user and app' ?
. how is the task switching done fairly
when the content has to change in order to
continue the interaction?
. the adde model assumes all things are
expressed through std widgets?
how can an app' add widgets?
how can system trust the additions?
. the fundamental widget
is a set of hyperpoints layered on graphics;
[hyperpoints are my name for the familiar selection points
which are used for resizes, moves, or shape-changes .]
. you can move the hyperpoint at your speed,
and the image follows at maybe a slower speed,
so then the immediate graphic (the point)
is remaining very responsive
even if the full effects of the response are slightly delayed .