real sensitivity training

11.10: psy/real sensitivity training:
. I've often been perplexed at attempts by policy
to replace terms like "(the retarded)
with "(the learning challenged);
that change might have less sour memories
than anything like "(retard)
but, it is still pointing at the same class
using a different name;
ie, after a while, they will just have to
change that name too
as soon as "(the learning challenged) learn to
associate that name
with the way staff treats them or points at them .
. one real difference that policy could make
is to refer to people by their effect on others:
eg, the real issue with referring to "(the retarded)
is that the enclosing situation is sensitive to
those who are irrational, violent, protection-needy,
unsociable, or uncooperative;
and, accident-prone, or future-blind, etc .
. these are the important differences
that characterize class we are pointing at,
yet they all traits that
the clients could equally say of staff;
and, these terms of affect
place a healthy emphasis on
where you are
rather than how you got there .

11.15: pol/mongoloids, and nobody even cared:
. recalled being informed that the term "(hispanic)
is like "(mongoloid):
you don't refer to people by where they're from
because that's a baseless discriminant
since you can't draw any relevant conclusions
from just knowing where someone's ancestors were from .
. yes, and now it seems funny using mongoloid as a
euphamism for downs syndrome
since the notable feature of that disorder
is not appearing to be from mongolia
but being prone to irrational or even violent acts .
. actually the ancestors of mongolia were indeed known for
unparalleled ferocious acts of violence .
. now I see the satire of that 1980's song
with the urgent rock beat, and these lyrics:
. mongoloid, he was mongoloid, and nobody even cared!
. the whole world is based on so much irrationality
but is backing it up with ferocious acts of violence,
and nobody gives it a second thought !
[ . to give myself as example,
I'm a livid advocate of pro-choice and death-with-dignity
but my real problem is not having more control over
reproductive machinery,
assignment of careprovider responsibilities,
and drugs that make pain worth living .
] .