adde's journaling

todo.unreadable: 8.7: adde/journaling/assuring privacy:
. how to assure logging without key logger vulnerabilities?
3 types of log:
( sw config
, user cmd input
, user data input (content and pass )
) . the system must insure (verify)
that outcome doesn't depend on user content .
. the exception is when content includes scripts .
. if script affects only content
then the only thing to report is the allowed cpu and mem access .
. general scripts are part of software,
and become part of system config'
-- or need log of subset of system accessed .
log of pass and content is replaced with
cmd of get these from user .
--. inputs assumed to filter checking type and string`length .
. log also includes a ptr of use only locally
describing where the content is stored .
. the pass needs an id too (which pass did I use ?),
you have an id made like file names (creation date, owner) .