em objects' connection switching

. if em (electromagnetic wave) obj's exist independent of
the masses they connect,
are they vanishing when the view is obstructed by other obj's ?
. certainly the em net is only between adjacents
because obstructions can obstruct all em energy transfers .
. think of em's as existing per atom
to connect with any reachables .
. or think of each mass as having an infinity of infinite waves
in infinite directions,
and the waves of atom are virtually connected to the waves of another
because the wave in one em obj' is inducing a wave
in nearby parallel em obj's . ]

The wavelength of light ranges from hundreds of miles for long radio waves
to one millionth of a nanometer for gamma rays [graphic].
The energy of light is inversely proportional to the wavelength,
such that gamma rays are a billion billion times more energetic than radio waves.
The classic example of particleness is the photoelectric effect,
in which light hitting a metal sheet
causes electrons to fly out of the surface.
Surprisingly, light longer than a certain wavelength
cannot liberate electrons, no matter how bright the source is.
. a strict wave theory of light cannot explain this wavelength threshold,
since many long waves should pack the same total energy
as a few short waves.
. the Einstein`particle theory never replaced the wave theory,
since only waves can describe how light interferes with itself
when it passes through two slits .

8.20: phy/Faster Than Light Travel--Concepts and Their "Problems":
. when I saw the title to this,
I thought there should not be any problem with going faster than light speed,
. it is speed, and what are the limits on acceleration?
. you need to show that the energy needed to accelerate the fuel
is going to mean there is not eno' fuel to approach light speed .
. if you could catch fuel on the fly by concentrating light;
but how can that fuel cause acceleration in a vacuum?