unique filenaming

. in a virtual fs (file system),
users can have any filename, virtually visible in multiple folders,
but the actual files are all named after
both the creation date, and the user name .
. the user is identified by the owner of
the super folder that all the files are in .
. if there is more than one user working on the fs,
the file names are unique because they reside in a user folder .
I got this idea from wondering how to share the addx project:
the project can have each author have their own version
in a separate subfolder .
. parts they decide to share are outside of the version.folders .

. when working in a multitasking and multiprocessing system
with multiple agents,
the name is only unique when using both a timestamp
and the chain of command
(eg, a human starts an agent that employs another agent ...)
so then the name is human`agent#1`agent#2-timestamp
. the id#'s can stay small because a human user has
only a handful of employed agents,
who in turn have only a few employees
(service providers or libraries) .