benefits of ada's language design

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These kind of studies tend to miss a lot of important stuff
beyond the error rate, etc.
For example, usually Ada/Lisp coders that would be involved in such an experiment
would be a self-selected bunch of experts
that tend to also be above-average programmers.
So, the good results aren't just the merit of the language
but the merit of having good programmers in the team.

LucasMembrane :
No. There was a college prof teaching programming who got about
none of his student teams finishing their term project
when he had them do it in C++
and got about all of them finishing it when he had them do it in Ada.

(Killer?) link?

addn(my reply):
. the reference is to here:
Welcoming Software Into the Industrial Fold
James M. Sutton, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics
. his reference is this:
McCormick, John W. Software Engineering Education: On the Right Track. Aug. 2000

7.14: co.net/linkedin.com/ada/Ada debated on reddit.com:
my comment:
. I found them a link pointing out that Ada
made students more productive than C did (appended below) .

. I hope to create a scripting language
that translates something like Ada into plain old C;
. it's believed that Ada is complicated for the sake of safety,
but the bulk of this rule complexity
really comes from insuring both safety and efficiency .